“DPTC offers Unison Process Solutions a chance to showcase and identify new opportunities for our ground-breaking dairy processing technologies to the leading dairy production companies in Ireland.”

Unison Process Solutions

Full Membership Benefits

  • Full access to the DPTC Research Programme.
  • Access to a large number of Principal Investigators across the DPTC network who are not only engaged in DPTC research but in research across multiple industries and Centres.
  • Collaborative Partnership
DPTC are committed to driving value creation and delivering real impact for all partners. We work closely with all members to build trust and gain understanding of their organisational and strategic needs. All members have full access to the DPCT Research Programme, through direct engagement of Industry-to-Industry and Industry-to-Academic partners. Members work collaboratively on common sectoral challenges for the betterment and benefit of the dairy industry. There are various networking events held on an annual basis such as DPTC Knowledge Day, Research Theme Days, Annual Research Symposium where members have the opportunity to expand their network generating long-term value for their organisation.
  • Collaborative Opportunities through:
  • Consultancy / Contract Research
  • Technology Validation
  • Bespoke Research Projects
  • All benefits of Associate Members.

Associate Membership Benefits

  • The DPTC Associate Membership underpins the core remit of the Centre: to drive long-term growth in the dairy sector by focussing on cost-efficient and sustainable milk processing.
  • By creating an Associate Membership branch to our community, we strengthen our position in the research landscape, and broaden national and international networks.
  • Through the strategic targeting of associate members, the DPTC brings new ideas and capabilities to the Centre, and facilitates the translation of our research outputs into technology uptakes for industry.
  • Business and Research Development
  • Initial and continuing “needs identification” with dedicated team members to aid collaboration on business development opportunities.
  • Enhanced knowledge transfer and growth of your R&D capability, and opportunities to engage with and benefit from the DPTC talent pipeline.
  • Access to Irish Dairy Processing Community
  • Access to the major primary Irish dairy processers (that entails >90% of milk processing in Ireland).
  • Access to multidisciplinary world-renowned academics in dairy-processing technology across the DPTC network.
  • Networking and Formal DPTC Events
  • Access to our Sustainability Forum Information Sessions, with opportunities to identify collaborative projects.
  • Invitation to DPTC Knowledge Days; in-person and online networking events.
  • Reports and Publications
  • Access to DPTC 1 & DPTC 2 peer-reviewed publications and to selected DPTC Commissioned Reports.
  • Notification of all publicly-available Centre results, and opportunities to collaborate on future publications with world-leading experts in dairy processing technology.
  • Training and Funding Opportunities
  • Access to tailored training sessions, technical webinars and briefings from invited expert speakers.
  • Hands-on support from Funding Officer for the development of competitive research funding applications.
  • Profile Raising
  • Promote your organisation to the dairy processing community via face-to-face tailored and open events, the DPTC newsletter, website and social media.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest research and technology news in the Dairy Processing community via the members-only newsletter.