Prof. Ramesh Padamati



Principal Investigator


Prof. Ramesh Babu is a Research Associate Professor at the School of Chemistry at Trinity College in Dublin and leads Polymeric Materials and Nanocomposites (PMNC) Group. He graduated from UDCT, University of Bombay in India in 1998 with a PhD in Chemistry. He has been active in polymer synthesis, polymer processing and characterization, nanomaterial’s, biodegradable polymers, and membrane technology for over 20 years. He co-authored over 65 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. He also has 9 licenses to industry, 10 patent families, and 4 patents. He has worked in Asahi-Kasei Corporation in Japan, and Clariant in India before joining Trinity College in Dublin where his research work involved the development of new patented nanocomposites for applications including membranes, automotive components, packing film, etc. He is the co-founder of two spinout companies: Bioplastech Limited (2009) and Selfsense Technologies (2014). He is the founding member and Director for the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation (IBF) which is a vehicle to promote the Irish Bioeconomy industry. He is at the forefront of industrial research in Ireland and he is Principal Investigator in various national research centres of excellence; DPTC – Dairy Processing Technology Centre, AMBER – Centre of Excellence in Material Science, BiOrbic- Bioeconomy Research Centre, and FHI – Food for Health Ireland.
He was awarded TCD Inventors Award-2018 for his contribution to many successful engagements with industry, working in polymer technologies.


Areas of Expertise:

Polymers, Nanocomposites, Polymer processing and characterisation, bio based and biodegradable polymers, Membranes and membrane-based separations, Electrospinning technology, Life cycle management, analysis, Materials technology, engineering, Plastics; Polymer technology,