Dr Marzena Kwapinska





Dr Marzena Kwapinska holds an MSc in Process Engineering and received a PhD in the field of Chemical and Process Engineering from Lodz University of Technology in Poland. For the last 12 years, Marzena has been working in UL on the application of thermal conversion technologies such as pyrolysis, gasification, and combustion for various residues / feedstock (e.g. municipal sludge, dairy processing sludge, OF-MSW, poultry litter, biomass) and potential application of biochar/ash and release of gaseous contaminants during thermal conversion. Currently, she is focused on hydrothermal carbonization of sludge, and recovery and transformation of nutrients/phosphorus. She has authored 41 international publications and has over 734 citations.​


Areas of Expertise:

Pyrolysis, Torrefaction, Gasification, Hydrothermal carbonization