Dr Jacky Sorrel Bouanga Boudiombo





Dr Jacky Sorrel holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Centre of Supramolecular Chemistry in the University of Cape Town in South Africa. The study focused on molecular selectivity by Host-Guest methods. She also holds a MSc in Technology, specialising in the synthesis and characterisation of solvates and salts of selected fenamates. Additionally, she graduated with an MBA from the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom.


Areas of Expertise:

Crystal engineering and analytical chemistry; Crystallisation preparation, X-ray spectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Infra-Red spectroscopy, thermal analysis instruments and Powder X-ray diffraction, UV-visible spectroscopy, and inductive couple plasma; Some experience in in chromatographic techniques; High-level computing practices including crystal explorer, X-Seed, X-prep and Olex to simulate different structures obtained from the data collection of various crystals