Dr Amit Kumar





Dr Amit Kumar is a post-doc researcher working on process optimization and data analysis for the industrial production of dairy powders at Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark. He has served Teagasc as a dairy technologist while working on the production and characterisation of dairy powders at TFRC Moorepark. Dr Kumar has received his PhD and MTech. degrees in Food Process Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India. He was awarded the University Gold Medal for the highest academic records during his B.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering. He has published several research articles in peer-reviewed international journals. He has presented his work at various national and international conferences. With an eye toward the future, Dr Kumar eagerly anticipates forging new partnerships and venturing into new domains of food research where the synergy of diverse minds will undoubtedly shape the next chapter of scientific innovation.


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Areas of Expertise:

Food Process Engineering; Dairy Powder Production and Characterisation; Process Optimization; Food Irradiation; Non-Thermal Processing of Food; Food Product Development; Advance Data Analysis; Spectroscopy; Microscopy; FTIR; Rheology; HPLC; DSC; TGA