Assoc Prof. Tom Curran



Principal Investigator


Assoc. Prof. Tom Curran is an Associate Professor and Vice Principal for Internationalisation in University College Dublin College of Engineering & Architecture. He is the Director of the MSc Environmental Technology degree programme. His research interests include waste management and air quality. He co-ordinated the EU Horizon 2020 Agrocycle project on recycling and valorising waste from the agri-food sector with partners in Europe and China. He was a Fulbright Scholar (TechImpact Award 2017-18) at North Carolina State University in the USA on a project to develop an advance warning system for sewer network blockages (fatbergs). He is a graduate of UCD’s Engineering programme, holding a BE in Agriculture and Food, MSc in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Biosystems Engineering. He worked in production and environmental management in the food industry for a number of years before joining as faculty in UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering. His teaching centres on the application of environmental engineering in the agrifood and bioresource industries.


Areas of Expertise:

Waste Management; Air Quality; Recycling and valorising waste from the agri-food sector; Odour, ammonia and other gases from agri-food and waste management industries; Water; Wastewater; Fat, Oil & Grease Waste (FOG).